DVI Optical Transceiver

DVI digital video fiber optic transmission

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1. Overview

KW3611 DV supports DVI transmission (up to 1920x1200) and stereo audio over one single mode or multimode fiber without compression, scaling or adjustments. It is ideal for Digital signage, broadcast or corporate studio, auditorium, stadium and theater, airport or transportation hub, distance learning, and surgical or medical imaging applications, to name a few.



2. Features

  • a)1-channel DVI video signal of computer over one fiber optic
  • b)10-bit digital video encoding and uncompressed transmission technology
  • c) Applied to the needs of computer long-distance transmission of industrial monitoring, large venues etc…
  • d)Strictly selection material and quality control in order to ensure high quality and high reliability
  • e)DVI, HDMl interface optional
  • f)System status could be monitored by the power and other parameters LED indicator
  • g)Compact size
  • h)Excellent cost performance
  • i)SMT Surface Mount Technology
  • j)Support 1U rack mount, 4U rack mount and stand-alone
  • k)Lower power consumption and free installation, debugging


  • a)Video
    Channel: 1
    Video type: RGB with stand-alone and sync H, V
    Input level: 1Vp-p
    Output level: 1Vp-p
    Bandwidth: (-3 dB):300MHz
    Digital bits wide: 10bits
    •640X480 @ 70fps          •1920X1080 @ 25fps
    •1024X768 @ 60fps         •800X600 @ 70fps
    •1600X1200 @ 30fps        • 1280X1024 @ 30fps
    •720X576 @ 50fpsv         •720X480 @ 60fps
    •1440x900 @ 30fps          •1280X720 @ 30fps
    •1680x1050 @ 30fps         •1400 x1050 @ 30fps
    •1360x768 @ 30fps
    Connector: HD-15(DVI、HDMI optional)
  • b)Power and environmental indication
    Stand-alone power: 5W
    Insertion power: 5W
    Power adapter: 220VAC to 12VDC/1A
    Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
    Relative humidity: < 95% (no condensation)
  • c)        Dimension
    Stand-alone size: 184 x 140 x 45 (mm)
    Insert size: 260 x 173 x 40 (mm)
    Stand-alone weight: 2.0Kg
    Insert weight: 1.5Kg
  • d)Optics
    Wavelength: 1310/1550nm
    Fiber optic type: single-mode
    Max. Link loss: 12dB (bigger options)
    Output power: –5 ~ –10dBm
    Receiver sensitivity: 18dBm
    Connector: FC/PC (SC or ST optional) 


TV station, live rebroadcast, etc...



5. Ordering information

  • DVI Digital HD transmission
  • HC 3611-T-20-ST (Model)   
  • DVI Digital Video Fiber Optic Transmitter, 1310nm/1550nm Single-mode Laser,–5 ~ –10dBm, Stand-alone & Rack-mountable (Specify FC/PC, SC /ST optional)
  • HC 3611-R-20- ST (Model)    
  • DVI Digital Video Fiber Optic Receiver, 1310nm /1550nm Single mode, -18dBm sensitivity, Stand-alone & Rack-mountable (Specify FC/PC, SC /ST optional)